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                   Frequently asking questions

     1. Do you have adult or retired cats for adoption?

             No we don't have adult cats.

              If you looking for cat for reduce price you can                     check burmese rescue group


     2. Can you describe the Burmese personality?               Burms are known to be calm, gregarious, confident, curious and extremely affectionate. Burms are very social and prefer to be with their people, either on their laps, shoulders or under the bed covers. They don’t like to take “No” for an answer.

        3. Are Burmese cats good with other pets?

     Usually. They tend to think of themselves as “king or queen of the palace”, but due to their laid-back personalities, they adapt very well to other animals in the household, especially if they are brought into the household as kittens.

        4, Are Burmese cats good with children and lots of                activity in the household?

          Due to their outgoing and confident nature, Burms          will adapt quickly to many household situations and          noises. They enjoy cuddling and lots of attention,                however, always caution young children to be loving          and gentle with their Burm and to please not pull                their tail.

      5. Will my Burmese be lonely if I work during the day?Most likely yes. Burms tend to bond very strongly with their people. If they are left alone during the day, they will probably sleep most of the time and will be ready for action when you come home. After a long day of being alone, you can expect your Burm to be like glue to you. They want nothing more than to be loved and played with. They are happiest when they have a companion, either human or animal.

          6.Are Burmese cats affectionate?

Extremely!!! I can not stress this enough! Burmese cats have been characterized as “Velcro cats”. They will climb into laps and burrow under bed covers to be close to their people. They enjoy lots of attention and well, they deserve it!

         7. Are Burmese talkative like Siamese?Not really. They may talk a little bit, but usually when there is something they desire, such as their morning meal or a favorite game (fetch).

         8.Are Burmese very playful?                                Absolutely! They are quite playful, well into their adult and senior lives. They specialize at fetch and will frequently bring toys and drop them in your lap for you to throw.

        9.How big do Burmese get?

​    Males usually grow to an average of 8 to 10 pounds while females average 6 to 7 pounds. They are relatively small cats for their weight.

          10.How old do kittens have to be before they can go home with their new owners?

​      I release my kittens at 12 weeks. At 12 weeks they have had 2 vaccinations against Rhinotracheitis, Calici, and Panleukopenia. They have also been treated for parasites.

         11,What colors do Burmese cats come in?                            Burmese come in four CFA recognized colors. The Sable is a rich, warm, deep Espresso brown. The Blue is a lush steel blue with slightly fawn undertones. The Champagne is a warm honey color similar to coffee with a lot of cream. The Platinum is a silvery white with warm fawn undertones. All Burmese should have large gold eyes.

         12.Do you spay or neuter your kittens before they go home with their new owners?

​  No

        13.Do you offer a health guarantee with your                        kittens?

Yes. A health guarantee is a must-have when purchasing any Pedigreed kitten. It helps to ensure that you are adopting a quality kitten from a reputable breeder. I take great pride in the health standards that I maintain at my cattery as well as the standards in the catteries of the other breeders that I work with. I request that new buyers have their kitten examined by a licensed Vet within 3 working days to ensure the kitten is in good health when released.

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